Welcome to my website and homepage.


My name is Dmitry Dombrovsky and I am a hypnotist.

I am a practicing hypnotist with over 25 years of experience and an expert in hypnosis and non-traditional methods of psychology. My special area of research is in teaching the skills of self-hypnosis and self-programming.

Since 1989, I’ve delivered lectures, seminars and training courses on self-hypnosis, I have hosted "Open a Talent" and the "Hypnosis Show" on the TNT channel in Russia and undertaken individual coaching on self-hypnosis and self-regulation.


I regularly take part in popular TV projects in the Ukraine and Russia as a hypnotist.


Since 2003 I have also supervised the «X-Streaming» project, which organizes expeditions to Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Laos and other countries. The primary focus of these trips is to conduct the expansion of consciousness ceremonies, with the help of medicinal plants that are used in many Shamanic practices.
What do I do?

Everything I practice can be attributed to the concept of "Alternative Psychotherapy". I welcome people who have unsuccessfully tried conventional ways of treatment: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, coding of various kinds, alcohol and drug therapies.


How can I help?


I treat people with depression, phobias, loss of meaning in life, apathy, various complexes and family problems. The list of difficulties that I encounter is constantly growing.



I am absolutely sure that anyone who manages to bring to life unused neural networks in his brain can not only recover from very serious diseases, but also cure others. I understand the term "hypnosis" as "inclusion" in the normal idle state of mental resources.


Who are my customers?


My customers are people who are educated, thoughtful and devoid of prejudices and typical stereotypical thinking of the average person. These people may be experiencing various intra-psychic problems. I target conditions such as depression, phobias, loss of meaning in life, apathy, various complexes, family problems and other personal difficulties.


My perception of life


Once there was a child and he thought: "When I grow up I'll be a happy man". As time went by, he thought: "When I finish my study, I certainly will be happy" and "I'll be happy when I earn a lot of money". And then he thought, "When I find love and have children, I will definitely become happy". Then he began to think, "I'll get a pension, rest from all my worries and finally I will be happy". Then one morning, the doorbell rang. The man thought it was the postman with his pension. He opened the door and saw Death "Look, - said Death, - you see, you have lived a very happy life". And the door had closed…


Don’t miss your chance or postpone your journey to discovery, or soon it will be too late.


D. Dombrovsky