Retreats with Dmitry Dombrovsky

 What is a retreat?


To avoid confusion in the future, I want to define what I mean by the words " seminar" and "retreat."


When I say " seminar", I mean a learning process that takes place in the well-equipped conference room or office.  Seminars are group and individual. When we speak of "retreats", we say, in practice, on-site seminars. Basically, the retreats are held in exotic locations, usually outdoors. The atmosphere at these events, in most cases, more free and democratic. Yes, and you can use these techniques that are not possible in large metropolitan areas. Because lately I live and work in the countries of Southeast Asia, and  seminars are gradually turning into my retreats.


What are the goals and objectives you set for yourself before you call me?


- Are you confused about the problems of life and you need to connect the creative resources of his brain for the task?


- Do you have problems with health and you want to mobilize resources organizmana mental recovery?


- Your family relationships or with a partner at an impasse, and you want to sort out their feelings?


- Need new ideas to start a business or radically change their lives?


- You want to start traveling and exploring the diversity of the world, but do not know where to start?


- Stress undermine your health, you lose heart, there is no vitality, and you feel tired of life?


- You do not understand the reasons for their irritability, their behavior, their fears and doubts?


- You want to settle down, to find a psychic harmony, inner joy and confidence?


- All these and many other life difficulties can not be resolved without a thorough interaction with his subconscious. Resources own subconscious need to wake up! They need to learn to use!


What is unique about the seminars and retreats?



If you have never been in my group or individual  seminars, highly recommend reading materials published on my website and blog.


I recommend virtually closer to meet me. Try to understand who you actually want to deal with. Do you like my way of life? Do you like the direction my thoughts and stories? My judgments and conclusions? My achievements? Do you trust me, in the end?


Out of curiosity to me no one ever comes. Also, do not come to people who are not entirely clear idea of ​​what they want to get on the end of the seminar. People "chasing" for special state of consciousness, but I do not understand why they need it (under the slogan "the main thing - go into a trance, and then everything will change") - this is not me. Special state of consciousness - is a unique, in-depth experience. The experience, which sometimes radically transforms the personality and life of the individual. I have to be sure that I was dealing with an adequate, to reflect and trained person. Then those problems which it sets itself, and the problems that he would like to solve, run and solved.

New program - Intenseve Hypnotic Correction

Problem solving:

- The effects of negative stress (anti-stress program);
- Chronic fatigue, anxiety, insomnia;
- Noogenic neuroses - existential vacuum;
- Irritability, obsessive fears;
- Panic attacks, depression;
- Prevention of psychosomatic diseases and cancer.

The five-day program includes daily sessions of hypnosis, breathing meditation session and, if necessary psychedelic session. The cost includes accommodation in a separate bungalow on the island.

The program is intensive hypnotic correction is carried out in the framework of a training retreat. Below you will find the conditions and essence of Dmitry Dombrovskis held retreats.

Retreat «Zen Tonic»


Once a year, a person necessarily a miracle. Something so unusual scale not fit into the conventional explanation, so he knocks out of the rut of routine affairs, and the idea that somehow a miracle is an event and not name.


Something that can enchant, delight, change the usual course of events. Give momentum boost, a breath of fresh air to surprise in the end.



Once a year a person needs to update its psyche. Restore, regenerate, add a new experience. In other words, to carry out "a neural defragmentation."


It is necessary and those who are sick or entangled in psychological problems, who lost its former brightness perception, a stalemate in his artistic career, lost his inspiration, vitality, confidence in himself and his destiny. It is necessary for people active, purposeful, ambitious and creative.


One day, ten years ago happened to me is a miracle. It happened in the Amazon jungle of Peru on shamanic ceremony Ayahuasca. And this event changed the course of my life. And it so happened that my social realization, to a greater extent, it was the case - to give the Miracle.


For 10 years I have been doing psychedelic psychotherapy and psycho-prophylaxis. Dozens of people took part in a variety of psychedelic and shamanic practices in various parts of the planet Earth. The majority of participants in life has changed for the better. Someone radically changed lifestyle, someone came to the important internal discoveries, someone chose a new direction, someone arranged for privacy and so on. All live, all well, everyone is happy.



Lack of information and secrecy in this area creates a wrong image of the method. Whenever possible, I try to fill these gaps by publishing materials on its website. But, you see, at my age already want to be absolutely frank. And something inside me is pushing for this candor.


And so, finally, I am ready to announce their upcoming events (individual retreats) more openly.


Personal retreat "Zen Tonic" - a retreat, which is based on a psychedelic session. Psychedelic session involves the reception of one of the plant psychoactive plants or fungi. Such sessions are held by me in places where they are legal and comply with local regulations.



This atmosphere of "liberation" of imposed stereotypes and conventions. Sometimes, a man of the city, losing the taste of life. He is anxious and joyless. In this situation it is necessary to take a sip from the Fountain. Source Zen tonic, as I call it ...



Zen Tonic - is that refreshes ...

A little drunk and encourages action.

It - tonic consciousness

sobering rationalism.

You like new? This new.

You want to relax? Relax.


Why Gili?


I continue to seek and find the magical space for individual and group retreats. Let me remind you, this place must meet several requirements. Firstly, it must be beautiful. More precisely, it is very beautiful.

Landscapes have to work on the participant of the retreat as a harmonizing factor. Secondly, this is the place to be quite quiet and not trampled by tourists. Thirdly, we should be a jungle, mountains and the sea. Fourth, in this place we need to grow in a natural environment  shamanic Power Plants or Magic Mushrooms. And fifth, to such places should be relatively easy to reach. It is located in Indonesia. It - Gili.


What is it and where is it?


Gili - a balmy tropical climate all year round, infinitely beautiful ocean, white beaches, lush tropical jungle, happy friendly people and the eternal presence of the Gods.

In my opinion, this is - one of the best places on Earth for in-depth retreats.

Jungle, mountains, the ocean. I think this is sacred land. In this atmosphere of Zen soars.



This (optional) three-day or five-day retreat. Its essence is as follows.


You are coming to a very beautiful (exotic) place. Venue upcoming retreats you can learn directly from the website.


My responsibilities include: pick you up for a secluded dwelling (bungalow) in the jungle or on the ocean; analyze the state of your life and psyche; make recommendations if needed; comprehensively prepare you for the upcoming ceremony; guide you (as a conductor - a stalker) during the ceremony ( Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mescalito, or Magic Mushrooms); spend the next day a joint analysis of what happened; organize a quality vacation and see the sights of the place where we will be.


Before deciding to participate in a psychedelic session, I recommend to read all published on my website materials relating to this topic. Also, I recommend to watch the video on my video channel YouTube




 How to become a participant of the seminar / retreat?


Just contact me by e-mail or simply call the telephone number listed in the "Contact" on my website.